How to Choose Between Horizontal And Vertical Window Blinds

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Whenever you want to cover your windows and also want to enhance the modernity and luxury of your interior, many people prefer to choose blinds. Window blinds help you control the privacy and light as per your needs and also add beauty to the interior. Blinds come in two different types, which are called horizontal and vertical blinds. Choose between horizontal and vertical window blinds for your home.

Many people didn’t know the exact difference between these blinds, and that’s why they couldn’t decide which blinds would be a better choice as per their window style and size. As the names of both types of blinds suggest, horizontal blinds are those that are manufactured with horizontal slats, while vertical blinds are created with vertical slats.

Now it depends on various perspectives to choose the perfect roman blinds for your windows. To help you, we have brought a helpful guide to you. In today’s article, we will tell you the difference between the two types of blinds. They will also advise you on the best blind to use based on the interior, size, and shape of your windows.

Difference Between Horizontal and Vertical Blinds

Difference Between Horizontal and Vertical Blinds

The fundamental difference between horizontal and vertical window blinds for your home is their operating mechanism. When you want to open and close the horizontal blinds, raise or lower the cord system. Vertical blinds have a cord that you have to slide to open and close them.

Vertical blinds are usually designed for larger windows, but you can also install them on any size window. While the horizontal blinds are not ideal for hanging on large windows because they can’t bear too much weight.

Vertical blinds give a larger look to your space as compared to horizontal blinds. You can slide the vertical blinds and place them on one side of your window to get the maximum light. While the horizontal blinds will be assembled in an upward direction and come to the top of your window.

Best Method To Select Between Horizontal And Vertical Window Blinds for Your Home

Method To Select Between Horizontal And Vertical Window Blinds

There are different methods to select between horizontal vs vertical window blinds for your home. We will help you by suggesting the best way to select the perfect type of blinds for your windows.

Whenever you are looking to buy blinds for your windows, they must be selected by keeping different factors in mind. These factors are the size, shape, and style of the window and the interior decor of your room. Let’s look at the factors that are necessary to analyze while choosing the blinds for your windows.

1. Size Of The Window

Size Of The Window

The first and most important factor to consider when selecting blinds is the size of your windows. Each window has a different size and requires different sizes of blinds. If your window is smaller, then horizontal window blinds would be the perfect choice for you. If you have large-sized windows, then you must consider getting vertical blinds.

2. Style Of The Window

Style Of The Window

The second most important aspect in choosing between horizontal blind vs vertical blind  for your home is the style of your window. Every window has a unique style. If your windows are in a round or circular shape, then you can also get customized blinds.

Many people prefer to choose horizontal blinds to cover their odd-shaped windows. But if you have huge windows like bay windows, then you must consider choosing vertical blinds. You can also hang the vertical blinds in front of sliding and glass doors because they give complete privacy and blackout light functionality.

3. Analyze The Direction Of Sunlight

Analyze The Direction Of Sunlight

Whenever you are going to choose the blinds for your windows, before purchasing them, you must analyze the direction of your window. As we know, the sun rises from the east and sets in the west. If your windows are facing any direction from both of them, then it means your room has to face the maximum glare throughout the day.

If your window is facing east or west, then vertical blinds would be the perfect choice for you. By closing the blinds perfectly, you can easily manage the temperature and control the light in your room.

But if your window is in the south or west direction, then you have to choose the horizontal blinds between the vertical or horizontal window blinds for your home.

4. Check How Much Privacy Your Need

Check How Much Privacy Your Need

If you don’t want any stranger’s eyes to look into your home, then your windows must be covered well. The first purpose of getting any window treatment is to get privacy from outsiders. If you live in an area where you need extra privacy, then you should get horizontal blinds. Because when the slats are closed properly, no one can ever look into your house.

On the other hand, the vertical blinds also give you privacy, but it is not 100% foolproof. If anything bumps into the slats of the vertical blinds, then it would create a gap that could let anyone look into your home.

5. Required Cleaning & Maintenance

Required Cleaning & Maintenance

If you want to increase the lifespan of anything, then you have to take proper care of it, which includes regular cleaning and maintenance. Choosing the blinds from this perspective is not so difficult.

By analyzing a few things, you can choose between horizontal or vertical window blinds for your home. If you have pets in your home and you are allergic to dirty places, then you have to clean the blinds again and again. Vertical blinds would be the perfect choice for you in this situation because you can clean vertical them easily.

While cleaning the horizontal blinds may be the trickiest task for you, because they have narrow/small slats that you can’t clean from all sides easily.

6. Weight Of The Blinds

Weight Of The Blinds

The weight of the blinds also matters a lot if you have extra-large windows and you put sleek and thin blinds in front of them. Then, when you open and close them, they might get broken because of their lower capacity for bearing weight.

If you have small windows, then you must go with horizontal windows. But if you have extra-large windows, then you must choose the vertical blinds from horizontal & vertical window blinds for your home, because these blinds can bear heavy weight while operating. You can easily open and close them when they are installed on extra-large windows.

7. Control The Light

Control The Light

The second main purpose of covering the windows is to control the light coming from outside. If you want to block the light completely, then you must select the vertical blinds because they are the best at providing this functionality.

You can block the light completely when you close the blinds. Vertical blinds outperformed horizontal blinds in blocking out external light because sunlight can easily pass through the slats of horizontal blinds.

Final Verdict!

These are the key factors that are necessary to choose between horizontal and vertical window blinds for your home. We tried to give the best help guide and, for that purpose, we discussed every perspective that is necessary for choosing the right blinds for you. If you are still facing any problems, then you can post a comment and tell us. Our experts will help you by giving the best possible solution to the problem you are facing.

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