How to Fix Broken Vertical Blinds?

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Different types of blinds are used for covering the windows, and there is a proper method of operating each type of blinds. If we don’t operate the blinds correctly, they will get damaged or broken. Vertical blinds are the type of blinds that can break for any reason, and you will have to fix broken vertical blinds. This is because you aren’t opening and closing them in a friendly manner, or you aren’t taking care of them properly, etc.

Many people think that if the blinds got broken, they couldn’t be repaired correctly as they were before. If you also think that, then you are on the wrong side. We will give you the best solution to fix the vertical blinds instead of wasting more money on getting new ones.

In today’s article, we will help you find the best possible methods for all types of broken problems you could ever face with vertical blinds and vertical cleaing. Whether it is breaking down a single slat or crooked vanes, you will learn about all the problems that can occur and the perfect solution for each one.

Different Methods Of Fixing The Broken Vertical Blinds

Different Methods Of Fixing The Broken Vertical Blinds

Everyone will face a different problem related to the breaking of vertical blinds. Someone has the problem that only one or two slats of the blinds are broken, while the other can face the fault in the stem carrier of the blinds. So we will guide you on how to fix broken vertical blinds with the help of four methods that give solutions to most of the problems that occur.

By adopting all these methods, we will help you learn every step of how to fix the vertical blinds. So, without wasting time, let’s look at every method one by one:

1. Fix The Most Common Problems Of Vertical Blinds

Fix The Most Common Problems Of Vertical Blinds

Sometimes the vertical blinds stop working properly because of the most common issues that can be resolved easily. These issues can be related to the slats of blinds that cause issues in opening and closing the blinds properly. There are different problems given below that you can face with the solutions:

  • Overlapped Slats & Panels Facing Backward

Sometimes the slats of the blinds don’t open or close properly. This problem can occur for different reasons. It can occur because of moving the slats in the wrong direction or the slats getting overlapped with each other.

Overlapped Slats & Panels Facing Backward

You can fix broken vertical blinds by properly analyzing each panel of the blind. If the face of the panel is facing in a backward direction, turn it in a forward direction. Then check the blinds. The slats will be moved easily.

If you see the slats are overlapping, then place the panels in the proper place with the help of your hands. When you place the panels in their accurate position, then check the blinds to see whether they are operating well.

  • Apply Lubricant

Your blinds may not open or close properly because of facing friction between the carrier rod, stems, and vanes of the blinds. If you face a problem like that, then you should apply a few drops of lubricant between the area of the stem carrier and the blinds. This will help you reduce the friction so you can open and close the blinds properly.

  • Find & Remove Blockage

Your blinds may not perform well because of the small number of dust particles that might be placed in the blinds’ carriers. To fix broken vertical blinds, analyze the stems properly, and if you find any obstruction, then try to remove it. The blinds will function properly after removing the blockage.

2. Fix The Broken Slat Of the Vertical Blinds

Fix The Broken Slat Of the Vertical Blind

Many people face the problem of the slat of the blinds breaking from the top side where it is hung to the headrail. If one or two slats were broken, then there would be no need to get a new set of vertical blinds for your window. You can easily repair the hole that occurs in the top of slats by using vane savers.

You can use metal or plastic vane savers to repair the slats. If you use metal vanes, then they are more durable than plastic vanes. While using plastic vanes makes the repair of blinds so easy for you. You just have to attach the plastic vane to the broken area and it will give a fresh look to the slats of the blinds.

Take some steps to attach the vanes and fix broken vertical blinds properly.

  • Detach The Chain That Connects The Slats

Detach The Chain That Connects The Slats

Many vertical blinds are designed in such a way that they have a plastic chain for connecting the slats together. If your blinds have some sort of chain, then you have to locate and remove them. The chain will be attached from one side of the plastic hook to the other side. Twist the hook to detach the chain from the blinds.

  • Remove The Broken Slat

After unhooking the blinds, locate the broken slat. Now remove the remaining slats to get the broken slat out of the chain.

  • Fix The Vane Saver

Fix The Vane Saver of verticle blind

Once you remove the slat, attach the vane saver over the hole. This will help the slat be perfectly hung in the right place.

  • Again Attach The Slat To Connecting Chain

After attaching the vane saver, place the repaired slat in its place and again attach the connecting chain. Now check your blinds. They will function well.

3. Fix The Bent Slats Of Vertical Blinds

Fix The Bent Slats Of Vertical Blinds

Fix broken vertical blinds If you can’t operate the blinds by using the perfect method, then the slats of the blinds will get twisted or bent. This will damage your blinds so you can’t open and close them properly. Whenever you are going to repair the bent slats, you must take proper care that they don’t get broken. Because a minor mistake can harm the entire blinds system.

You can easily solve this problem by carefully twisting back the slat and grabbing it firmly to bring it into the right place. If the slat comes into the right place, then it is OK, but if it is still in a bent position, then there would be a problem in the gear that carries the slats.

To set the gears, unhook the blinds by detaching the connecting chain. Then try to turn the slat in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction. If you successfully turned the slat in the right position, then it means the gear is realigned in the perfect place. Now attach the blinds back in their proper place and check them. Now they will open and close properly.

4. Fix The Faulty Slat Carrier Of Vertical Blinds

Fix The Faulty Slat Carrier Of Vertical Blinds

The slat carrier is the small hooks that are placed in the main rod to connect all the vanes together. The entire slat of the blinds hangs from these carriers.

Fix broken vertical blinds If there is a fault in one slat, then it will cause the jamming of the whole blinds. You can easily replace the faulty slat by following the instructions given below.

  • Detach The Blinds

Unhook the blinds by detaching the connecting chain. Now find and remove the faulty slat from the blinds.

  • Remove The Slats

Remove The Slats of vertical blinds

With the help of your fingers, grab the slat and push it in the right direction to remove it from the c-shaped carrier. Do it carefully to prevent the blinds from getting any damage.

  • Remove The Gear

When you take the slat out, remove its gear system too. To do this, use a flathead screwdriver and remove the gear from the C-shaped carrier of the blinds.

  • Get A New Slat & Gear

Get the same slat and gear from the same market, otherwise, it will be a total waste of time.

  • Replace The Old Slat & Gera With The New One

Replace The Old Slat & Gera With The New One

First, place the gear into its position, then push the slat into the carrier. Hang the slat in the same direction as the other slats were hung.

  • Check The Blinds

After attaching the new slat, check the blinds by opening and closing them to see whether the problem is resolved or not.


So, these are the best ways to fix broken vertical blinds. We have discussed all the potential problems that you could face and also given the best solution for each one.

I hope this help guide will be beneficial for you and you can easily repair your broken vertical blinds. But if you still face any problems, let us know by posting a comment. Our experts will help you solve that problem you are facing.

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